Aloha kakou.

Welcome to Kupuna Kalo, an online resource for reconnection with kalo (taro), a mea'ai (food) that sustained our Polynesian ancestors.

‘E kanu mea ‘ai o nānā keiki i ka ha‘i. ‘Ōlelo No‘eau, No. 317

Plant edible food plants lest your children look with longing at someone else's.

Aloha kākou. Kupuna means elder, grandparent or ancestor. Kalo or taro is a nutrient rich, starchy food of Hawai‘i. Taro grows world-wide, but for the Hawaiian people this crop is central to our creation story. We describe Hāloa as our older brother because he takes care of us if we take care of him.

This website promotes our view that kalo is food, leaves and corm, through photos of varieties, a curriculum about Hawaiian culture and the challenges of farming, contact information for field visits to find varieties, nutrition information and recognition of teachers in the community. Here is a PDF: Kalo Protocol from kupuna Pukui.

The photo above shows Jerry Konanui standing in a field of kalo variety Maui Lehua on Hawaii Island. Photo credit Dr. Scot Nelson.

Please view the video below of Uncle Jerry Konanui to understand our intent: Na `Ono o ka `Aina - Delicacies of the Land, min. 2:38. By ngtravelerseminars.

Mahalo to the kupuna and the friends who took time to share their knowledge of culture, food and science. This mana‘o is as my ears heard it. If your view is different, please join in our goal to communicate, explore and build understanding.

This website is a makana (a gift) meant for you. We offer you Taropy. Mai e ‘ai kākou.